Root Canal Procedures

Repairing and Saving Teeth

Although the term “root canal” is only seen as the name of a dental procedure, it actually refers to a certain part of your tooth. The root canal is the cavity within your tooth that includes pulp and a nerve. This particular procedure involves removal of the root canal – both the pulp and the nerve.

An issue within the root canal can lead to an infection that can cause:

  • Swelling
  • Bone loss
  • Drainage issues

One of the most common leading causes of damage to the root canal is deep decay, but it can also be caused by frequent dental procedures on a specific tooth, large fillings placed within the tooth, or cracks or chips in the tooth. Root canal issues can happen at any age. It’s very important that root canals be treated right away in order to avoid further dental problems. Call us at our Falls Church dentist office today at (703) 237-4521.

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