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I have faith in the talents of these people, and I enjoy the …

The Williston Dental center staff needs have handled my dental since March 2005 (nearly ten years now), and I couldn't be more satisfied with the care that I have received. During those years the dentists have corrected several problems that had accumulated in part due to my dislike of previous dentists (or the work they did) and my resulting avoidance of allowing them to work on me.

For decades, I have been skittish about going to a dental office due to the unpleasant attitudes of some of the dental staff-whether professional or non-professional. This has all changed now that I have the Willston team helping me. I have faith in the talents of these people, and I enjoy the personal relationship.

I have always found the Williston staff to be friendly and compassionate, as well as efficient in their work. The dentists have always shown excellent skills while at the same time have treated me with gentleness that I'd never had before. For the first time in my life, I no longer fear the inevitable pain-numbing needle or the drilling necessary to repair a cavity they are so careful in the way they conduct their treatment. For example, I recently had a tooth extracted in preparation for an implant, and I felt less discomfort during and after the procedure than I have felt at times during a cavity repair.

Dr. Allie Tran has been my primary dentist, but I have also had some work done by the two others, namely Dr. Selena Tran and Dr. Travis Le. They are all expert dentists as well as warm and friendly people and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for good dental care. My only regret is that I wasn't able to benefit from their expertise prior to 2005.

Mr. Cabot Falls Church , VA November 1, 2014

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Dr. Allie Tran has been quite informative of historical …

My encounter with Willston Dental Center has been a pleasant experience. All three doctors have a compassionate demeanor. The staff has been extremely friendly. Dr. Allie Tran has been quite informative of historical information and of the procedures I need to perform going forward. The level of honesty is appreciated.

Everett Burons Falls Church , VA November 27, 2014

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The dentist is like seeing an old trustworthy family friend

Our family started going to Willston Dental Center when our two sons were about 4 and 6 years old. Convincing our two kids to go for cleanings was never easy but Allie, Travis and Selina did an amazing job at ensuring they would come back, including getting mint-flavored toothpaste and interacting with the boys! Soon enough, we could actually wait in the waiting area while our children were being examined, from cleanings to cavities through ... braces. Our experience as adult patients has been equally fabulous, from regular cleanings to more complex work such as implants, even rushing a temporary replacement for a broken tooth to ensure my husband could leave on a trip overseas. We warmly recommend their office not only for the quality of care and excellent management of the front office, but because going to the dentist is like seeing an old trustworthy family friend who will guide you through rough patches and share good news.

Dr. Pascale De Souza Falls Church , VA December 23, 2015

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Good qualities one would look for in a family dentist

My first visit with Dr. Allie Tran was on a late Saturday afternoon as a walk-in patient in need of an emergency root canal. Though the clinic closes at 2 on Saturdays, she stayed late to perform the procedure. Since then, I have found Dr. Tran to be a warm, caring professional with a delicate touch around the teeth and gums. (She’s great at Novocain injections without causing a lot of pain.) All are good qualities one would look for in a family dentist.

Her husband, oral surgeon Dr. Travis Le, whose office is in Fairfax, likewise is a solid professional who has performed bone graft and implant surgery on me with fantastic results. Together, they make a terrific team who can cover all your dental needs. I recommend them highly. Finally, surrounding them is a friendly and efficient staff who will make your visits more pleasant. To find two friendly family dentists up on the latest procedures, look no further.

Pete Lynn Fairfax , VA December 23, 2015

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Ms. Tran is a highly skilled and up to date, professional …

I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Allie Tran, who has been my dentist for over 10 years. I have had mist types of treated performed over the years including root canal, extraction, and dental implant.

Ms. Tran is a highly skilled and up to date, professional who insures the best treatment practices and communicates well. The Willston Dental Center has all the latest equipment and high standards of hygiene, and the staff is always friendly and helpful!

David V. Falls Church , VA December 23, 2015

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